Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is the beating heart of the home, with a few basic improvements to this room can really pay off. Consider including energy efficient appliances, stainless steel, new counter tops, a new sink, a coat of paint and new flooring. Cupboards can also be sanded, stained, painted or replaced if necessary. Where possible, a classic design and neutral paint tones are best as these will appeal to a broader range of people. A well renovated kitchen can recoup up to 82% of the renovation cost when you sell.



When discovering rustic kitchen ideas, there are three aspects to consider and keep in mind as you browse various kitchen photos. First you should carefully consider your layout and where to place large appliances. Next, you should focus on storage. Lastly, your room should reflect your personality with its decor. The ultimate goal of all rustic kitchens should be to create the most functional yet beautiful space possible to meet your standards. 



If you’re starting a modern kitchen renovation, always optimize your space; focus on functionality and your design. For tight spaces, a galley layout is a great minimalist kitchen idea. Picking interesting materials is key for helping your modern kitchen to stand out.